Yang-Dzey Rilbu - Wealth Pills

Yang-Dzey Rilbu - Wealth Pills

These precious wealth pills, called ‘yang-dzey rilbu’ in Tibetan, have been specially prepared in Nepal under Lama Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche’s instruction.
Note: They are NOT for human consumption
They are offered in bags of 20, 50 or 100


They are made of over one hundred and fifty rare and precious ingredients that are known to help increase the energy of prosperity (yang) wherever they are placed. These pills contain substances that have been collected from many holy sites, sacred temples and lineage holding Lamas, precious gems and stones, relics from past Buddhas and lineage teachers, and personal articles from great masters from the past.

These pills are the main ingredient used to make Treasure Vases (Yang-Bum). In addition, they can be:

    • placed in a special container on the shrine, or wherever you place your valuables (safe or treasure box). They will help preserve and enhance the ‘yang’ energy of your home.
    • buried in the ground to increase the potency of crops and agriculture.
    • placed under the foundation of newly constructed buildings
    • buried along earthquake fault lines
    • offered to bodies of water



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