Tse-Do Tse-Sung Sutra

Tse-Do Tse-Sung Sutra

P’HAG-PA TSE-DANG YE-SHE PAG-TU MED-PA T’HEG-PA: The Sutra called ‘Immeasureable Long-Life and Transcendental Wisdom.’ This beautiful Sutra which recites the 108 names of Buddha Amitayus (sometimes called the Longevity Sutra, or Amitabha’s Long-Life Sutra) is revered by all Buddhist sects. It is often called upon to be recited for someone who is suffering from a serious disease, or whose life is in danger. It is prescribed as an effective method for extending one’s lifespan. It is also recited at the bedside during the dying process. It is said that by chanting this Sutra, in the ears of animals, even at their death, they will be reborn in Amitabha’s pure land.

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