Treasure Vases

Treasure Vases

Tibetan Wealth Treasure Vases are a powerful ancient tradition for magnetizing wealth, prosperity, health and wisdom. In addition, by keeping a Treasure Vases (or Yang Bum, in Tibetan) in your home, good fortune, success are increased. The power and energy of the vase also blesses the entire surroundings, benefiting the environment, gardens and animals, as well as purifying the five elements which creates a peaceful atmosphere. The great master Guru Rinpoche gave precise instructions for creating and blessing these vases to instill them with the power to re-balance the elements, attract wealth, pacify disharmony, and rejuvenate health.


Lama Dawa Rinpoche and Khandro Kunzang, in conjunction with our Mexico Sangha, and Talavera artist, Maria Breton, have brought together the ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition with the tradition of talavera pottery to create a limited number of extraordinary Wealth Treasure Vases. These treasure vases will be available to individuals to place in their home, business or other important site to bring auspicious conditions, especially harmony in the family, good health, and financial stability.

The Tradition of Tibetan Treasure Vases: A Spiritual Treasure

The spiritual technology of the Wealth Treasure Vase has existed in Tibet for a millennia, and these effective “magnets of prosperity” were found in many homes. The Wealth Vase is a sacred object which strengthens karmic connections and improves the spiritual environment, eliminating obstacles to material gain and prosperity. This is a natural enrichment, not based on our usual worldly ideas of grasping or self-inflation. The Wealth Treasure Vase evokes the inexhaustible wealth within all of us, purifying and enriching our individual lives and our ability to benefit others.

The powers of the Vase becomes concentrated in the building where it is placed, generating many positive changes in the environment, including:

 +Prosperity: an increase in the spiritual and material blessings and wealth of the residents
 +Success: worldly and spiritual goals are more easily accomplished.
 +Protection: shielding from the negative influenes of both humans and spirit, including the negative effects of gossip and hostility towards you.
 +Contentment: increased freedom from the many causes of fear, such as sickness, accidents, theft, etc.
 +Ultimately: a happy and contented mind, the elimination of evil and the increase of goodness in one’s life and one’s environment.

The treasure vase is an ancient remedy that can replenish the essence of the elements – earth, fire, air, water, and space – which in turn purifies the pollutants and rejuvenates the energy in the environment, as well as our bodies. It also has the ability to magnetize wealth and abundance, improve health, and remove obstacles to our longevity. Wealth vases brings blessings to its possessor. The powers of the vase are concentrated in the building where it is placed, serving to increase the spiritual and material wealth of the residents.

According to the different terma treasure texts, if the vase is made properly according to the instructions, there will be long life free from illness, dharma and family lineage will increase as will the power of the dharma and worldly good fortune. The surrounding area will be made auspicious and all will attain well-being and happiness.

How These Amazing Wealth Vases are Made: The Outer Container

Lama Dawa commissioned talavera artist, Maria Breton in Mexico to custom make 250 Treasure Vases, in accordance with the terma text of Orgyen Khandro Norlha, the wealth aspect of Padmasambhava, from the Dudjom New treasures lineage. The outer design of the vase include the Double Dorje at the base, the Dharma Wheel on the lid, and the Eight Auspicious Symbols around the belly of the vase.

The Precious Inner Contents

1. Yang-Dzey Rilbu, the power inside the vase

The inner contents contain very precious ‘Yang-Dzey Rilbu’ or wealth pills, as the main ingredient. These pills are made of 150 precious substances which Lama Dawa Rinpoche has painstakingly collected from all over the world. They include relics of past Buddhas and great masters, fragments of clothing, hair and nails from past great lineage holders, earth, plant and mineral substances collected from holy pilgrimage places, gemstones and other ingredients for increasing ‘yang’, or wealth energy. A team of Lamas and medical doctors mixed these ingredients according to the tantric traditiona nd made them into the ‘rilbu’ or precious pills.

Each of the Yang-dzey rilbu were hand wrapped with the yellow silk shroud from the precious reclining Buddha statue from Kushinagara.

2. Tsa-tsa of Orgyen Norlha – the main deity which blesses the vase; tsaklis of Norgyunma, Sonam Langpo Tobden, Mahadeva and Umadevi; chakra wheel of Nod-Jin P’ho-Gu Mo-Gu, Sonam Langpo Tobden.

3. Black Dzambala amulet

A very special addition to this vase, are amulets of the wealth deity, Black Dzambhala, which are all hand made by Lama Dawa Rinpoche. Black Dzambhala is Rinpoche’s personal protector deity, so amulets made by him have a special power.

The vases were consecrated during a two-week Orgyen Norlha Drubchen retreat, held on Nov. 17 – Dec. 1, 2015, at our center, Rigzin Osel Ling, in Ensenada, Mexico.


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