The Power of Sutras

Reciting Sutras is an age-old tradition in Buddhist cultures where families would sponsor practitioners to come to their homes to recite certain Sutras on auspicious days. According to Lama Dawa Rinpoche’s mirror divinations, there were eight Sutras from the Zung-Due collection that were frequently recommended for dealing wtih a variety of life situations. Khandro Kunzang offers transmission and teachings on how to recite these Sutras. Unlike tantric ritual practices, these Sutras can be recited by anyone to bring great benefit.

In the first video,  Khandro presents some historical information then teaches the Gyaltsen Tsemo, Chokchu Munsel and Tashi Tsigpa, which are commonly recited together for success and victory over one’s projects and endeavors; as well as the Tse-Do Tse-Sung Sutra which is the longevity Sutra of Amitayus.

In the second video, Khandro  teaches the Khachu Nagpo – Black Lawsuit Sutra; Gyanag Kagdok – the Sutra to repel the negative energy of one’s black year; Khorlo Barwa – Blazing Wheel to repel negative energy; and Palchenmo Sutras to increase wealth energy.


Includes links to two instructional videos – 3 1/5 hours of lecture

All of these Sutras are available as free downloads on Saraswati Publications website:




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