Naga Medicine (Lu-Men)

Naga Medicine (Lu-Men)


This Lu-Men has been specially prepared by Amchi Urgyan Kalsang for Saraswati Bhawan, and is made of more than 35 special substances. It is used as a major ingredient for ritual offerings to the Nagas. Often prepared as a pill (which is then crushed and added to the other substances), this is in a convenient powder form. You just add a pinch to your tormas, milk, or other offering substances.

Please note: this is NOT a naga incense for burning.

Ingredients include:
Myrobalam, spikenard root, cuttlebone, Wangpo Lagpa, musk, chusin  dermo, vermillion, ground gemstones and conch, saffron, bamboo pith, cardamon, and a variety of Himalayan flowers and medicinal plants.
1 bag contains 2 Tbs., or 30 ml


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