Leu Dunma Practice by Karma Chagme Raga Asya

Leu Dunma Practice by Karma Chagme Raga Asya

This is a complete translation of the text entitled, A History of the ‘Seven-Chapter Prayer’ Along With a Series of Appropriate Visualizations, (gsol ‘debs les bdun pa’i lo rgyus dmigs rim phen yon dang bcaz pa bzhugs so)  written by Karma Chagme Raga Asya. The text also includes the Seven Chapter Prayer (Le’u Dunma), with Tibetan text and phonetics so that it can be used as a practice manual.

–  114 pages

Note: This translation is being offered as a special commemoration of Lama Dawa Rinpoche’s fifth parinirvana anniversary. We have also made available 14 hours of audio teachings by Lama Dawa, which can be accessed HERE  on the Leu Dunma Instructions By Karma Chagme Podcast page.


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