Kyed Pa Zhi: Skillful Methods to Increase our Life Force, Health, Prosperity and Success

According to Tibetan Buddhist principles, there are four major forces in our lives that affect our well-being and success. They are ’sog’ – life-force; ‘lu’ – body’s health; ‘wang-tang’ – personal power and prosperity; and ‘lung-ta’ – success. These forces continually fluctuate, setting us up for either an enriching, vibrant and successful life, or one of failure, obstacles and frustration. The Tantric Buddhist tradition offers a wealth of practical methods for working with these forces and how to increase and maximize their potential.

In this course, we will learn about these four forces and how they shape our experiences, how to determine when they are low, and how we can skillfully increase and enhance these energies in our own lives, and in the lives of others. Based on the text, “Kyed-Pa Zhi,” by Tep’hugpa Palgon Thinley and commentary teachings by Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche, as well as principles from Tibetan astrology and medicine, we will learn special mantras, various activities such as making amulets and other special substances, performing simple offering pujas, raising prayer flags, making and consecrating treasure vases, and reciting sutras. Lama Dawa Rinpoche gave these teachings many times during the course of his life, and considered them to be among the ‘Ngakpa’s activities’ – important and effective methods for benefitting others by increasing one’s life, longevity, health, vitality, personal power, prosperity and success.


2 instructional videos – (Video 1: 2 hours 38 minutes / Video 2: 2 hours 47 minutes). Link to a private Vimeo recordings will be provided after purchase.

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