Khandro T’hug-T’hig Ley-Jang: Great Bliss Which Fulfills All Wishes, by Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje

ZAB-LAM KHAN-DRO’I T’HUG-T’HIG GI LEY-JANG DE-CHEN DOD-JO ZHEY JA-WA ZHUG-SO: From the Profound Path of the Dakini’s Heart Essence, this is the Sadhana Called, ‘Great Bliss Which Fulfills All Wishes,’ according to the New treasures of the Dudjom Tersar.

This is the main activity ritual sadhana and tsog of the Dakini cycle. This text includes many supplemental texts, including the lineage prayer, long-life practice, short kongwa, tsog offering verse and aspiration prayers.

– 58 pages, full color images




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