Feeding the Hungry Ghosts: The Lenchak Torma

A teaching on the practice, entitled, “The Water Offering Called, The Ambrosia Which Pervades Throughout Space,” from the T’hroma cycle of Dudjom Lingpa, sometimes referred to as the “Lenchag Torma.” Instructions on how to make offerings for the beings living in the hungry ghost realms. Making offerings to the hungry ghosts is a powerful method for repaying our karmic debts, which often show up as obstacles to our abundance. According to Lama Dawa Rinpoche’s mirror divinations, one of the major causes to poverty, lack, and financial setbacks was due to a backlog of karmic debts which we have accrued since beginningless time. To remedy this, the divinations often recommended performing this Lenchag Torma practice of making water offerings to the hungry ghosts.

In this four-hour teaching, Khandro Kunzang gives detailed instruction on how to perform this offering, and at the end of the session performs the practice.


1 instructional video – (Total: 3 hours 11 minutes). Link to a private Vimeo recording will be provided after purchase.

1 text download




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