Buddhist Astrological Healing: ‘Astrological Mo of the Eight Dakinis’

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there exist many methods for determining the background cause for illness that can be calculated using astrologicial principles. This text: ‘Lhamo Gyed-Tsi,’ from the Kalachakra, is a simple method used throughout the Himalayas as a kind of divination that reveals the unseen ‘don’ or influences of elemental spirits that cause illness, and which move in accordance to the lunar month. It also provides the ritual practices to be done in order to remove these background cause to facilitate healing.

Lama Dawa Rinpoche first introduced these teachings in 1999, and had taught this many times in the US and Mexico over the course of eleven years. It is a method anyone can use to gain insight into the interdependent connections behind illness, as well as opening our view to the unseen realms of elemental beings that are connected to us and influence our wellbeing. It also provides instruction on simple ransom offerings that anyone can do to help remove the background causes (don), and overcome the illness.

In this teaching, Khandro Kunzang will discuss our relationship to the eight classes of spirits and how they influence our wellbeing and health, how they move in accordance to certain planetary rhythms and how we can unknowlingly clash with them, becoming the cause of what we might identify as ‘illness.’ In addition you will learn how to make simple ritual offerings as a ‘ransom’ that will remove these background influences, and facilitate healing.


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