Karma Chagme Raga Asya

Instructions On The Seven Chapter Prayer Of Leu Dunma, With Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche.
new teaching

Lama Dawa gives a teaching from the text called “Clarified Butter” or Dam-Ngag Mar-Gyi Yang-Zhun, in Tibetan, from the terma of Dorje Lingpa. This essential teaching was requested by Yeshe Tsogyal as Guru Rinpoche left TIbet. In it, he gives her pith instructions on how to practice the View, Meditation and Action, how the elements dissolve during the death practice and how to become liberated after death. According to Guru Rinpoche, by listening to this text three times, you will be liberated from the three lower realms. This teaching was given in San Diego in 2013. Please note: the recording volume was quite low, so please turn up your volume.


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