In keeping with the Buddhist tradition of freely giving out copies of Buddhist scripture, Saraswati Bhawan Publications offers a wide selection of prayers, practice texts and Sutras for download. All our texts include the original Tibetan U-chen script, a line of phonetics and a line of English translation. In the future we will add Spanish, German and French translations. We continue to add more texts to this page. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on our latest offerings, please sign up for our newsletter.



Guru: Tsokyi T’hug-t’hig cycle

Tsog Offering Prayers



Texts by Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche


In the Buddhist tradition, reciting the Sutras is considered to be a very auspicious activity, generating much positive energy. Typically, monks and nuns in the monasteries would be commissioned to dedicate a special day to recite a particular Sutra on behalf of the sponsor. Sometimes, a group of monks or nuns would be invited into one’s home to recite Sutras all day. It is believed that the merit generated from uttering the sacred words of the Buddha enhances all aspects of our lives. In fact, the benefit of reciting Sutras is extended to include all living beings, as well as the surrounding environment. There are many kinds of Sutras and some are especially effective for certain situations, such as extending one’s life, healing, increasing success of one’s endeavors, bringing good fortune, etc.

The Sutras that we offer here are ones that are particularly effective for addressing common life challenges and obstacles. These were the one’s that were recommended again and again in mirror divinations. It was Lama Dawa’s wish that these Sutras be made available – along with English phonetics and translations – so that anyone can recite them and benefit from their great blessings.

Sutras represent the actual words of the Buddha, and therefore should be treated with respect. If you choose to print out copies of these Sutras, we ask you to be careful not to place them on the floor, or step over them. Please keep them in a safe place, preferably on or near a shrine. If, for whatever reason, you need to dispose of them, they should be burned and never thrown in the trash.

Practice Texts


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