Khandro Kunzang: Elemental Spirits, Vajra Armor & Dharma Marriage

New Podcast Interview of Khandro Kunzang (February 2024) with Olivia Clementine, on ‘Love & Liberation’

In todays’s episode Khandro shares about:

From today’s conversation:

00:02:00 Spirits of the Six Realms

00:07:00 Offerings to non-human, non-physical beings

00:13:00 Receiving protection from Nagas

00:14:00 How spirits influence illness

00:23:00 How to know spirits are affecting your well-being or life

00:25:00 On the four forces, lungta, wang tang, sog and lu.

00:30:00 Lha-Mo Gyed-Tsi, Astrological Mo of the 8 Dakinis

00:32:00 Old tradition of ransom offerings, or lud.

00:38:00 Astrology living systems and the forgotten magic of math

00:42:00 Vajra Armor Mantra

00:46:00 Practicing according to signs

00:51:00 Lama Dawa growing up in a dharma family and perpetual retreat

00:54:00 Dharma marriage and ngakpa traditiona versus householder tradition.

00:57:00 How to deal with tax collectors as practitioners

00:59:00 Vajrakilaya Peace Mandala Project

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